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Men's Tissot timepieces

Men's Tissot timepieces

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Women's Tissot timepieces

Tissot Watches

Tissot watches is one of the leading brands in the popular Swatch Group. Throughout the years, the company has received worldwide acclaim, thanks to several well-known innovations: the first anti-magnetic watch, the first plastic watch (Idea 2001), the first watch made of stone (the Rochwatch) and even the first watch made of wood (the Woodwatch). What's next for Tissot? The first exclusively feminine line, the T-Collection. 

Tissot History

Tissot represents more than 150 years of innovation and Swiss watch-making tradition. World leader in the traditional Swiss watch segment, Tissot is the official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey. Tissot underlines the sporting values of quest for performance, precision and pushing yourself to the limit. Are you up for the ride?

Founded in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland, the cradle of the Swiss watch-making industry, and presently located in more than 150 countries around the world, Tissot is one of the leading brands in the Swatch Group, the biggest watch producer and distributor in the world.

Through the years, the Tissot company has received worldwide acclaim thanks to some well-known innovations such as the first anti-magnetic watch, the first plastic watch, the first watch made of stone (The Rockwatch) and the first watch made of wood (The Woodwatch).

Today Tissot extends its trendy T-Collection with various models. Most recently, the watchmaker introduced its latest innovation in watch technology: The Tissot High-T with MSN Direct, which literally puts information at your fingertips. The Tissot High-T Smart Watch, with exclusive tactile technology, enables wearers of the modish timepiece to simply touch their watch dial to receive news, weather, sports, stocks, time, a calendar and other customized information, courtesy of MSN Direct. Combining the touch-screen technology from its popular T-Touch line with up-to-date personalized information from MSN Direct, the Tissot High-T represents the latest in Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology.

This revolutionary tactile technology, already perfected in the Tissot T-Touch and Silen-T, brings a new level of interaction with the watch. This timepiece represents the next stage in the evolution of personal, wearable, useful technology. Shouldn't you be up to the minute with the latest in what's going on in the world?

The Tissot High-T display can be tailored to your desire: digital readout, roman numerals, scrolling stock quotes, weather and more. You can control the data, the dial and the design to suit your own needs, all through a user-friendly interface

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