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Men's Skagen watches
Men's Skagen watches

Men's Skagen timepiece
Men's Skagen timepieces

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Women's Skagen watches

Women's Skagen timepiece
Women's Skagen timepieces

Skagen Watches 

Founded on the principle that beautifully designed, high-quality objects can be created at reasonable prices, the Skagen watch collection is one of the most unique and recognizable lines worldwide.  The Skagen brand focuses on elegant simplicity, technical precision and innovation.

Skagen takes its name from a small, remote fishing hamlet at the tip of the Jutland peninsula in Northern Denmark.  The breathtaking setting, a favorite of artists for generations, is known for its spectacular contrast of land, sea and sky.

In 1987, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the United States from their native Denmark to follow their dream of owning and running their own business. The Skagen collection of watches, clocks, pens and sunglasses reflects the Jorstsícreative Danish spirit with clean, elegant designs, skillful craftsmanship and technical perfection.

Skagen watches are known for design and detail. The collection features details such as brushed dials and cases that are crafted by hand rather than on a machine to make the watches look more upscale. Other design features are the handset dots on the faces and the mesh bands, invented and patented by Skagen Designs.

Even with their influence of tranquility and simple design, Skagen watches have not escaped the inevitable advances that have been made in todayís world of high-tech and fashion trends. One example is Skagenís analog wristwatch. However, the watches are slim, while others are usually chunky, they are sleek and recognizable and have a simple design.

When you purchase a piece from the Skagen collection, you become part of an international community of Skagen owners who believe in a philosophy of design and manufacturing excellence


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