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Men's Seiko timepiece
Men's Seiko timepieces

Men's Seiko watch
Men's Seiko watches

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Women's Seiko timepieces

Women's Seiko timepieces
Women's Seiko timepieces

Seiko Watches 

Seiko began making clocks in Japan during 1881, under the name of Seikosha. The company produced clocks, alarm clocks, and pocket watches. In 1913, Seiko began making wristwatches. Seiko watches have now been known for accuracy and craftsmanship, but in 1969, Seiko created the first quartz watch, and came out with the advertising slogan "someday all watches will be made this way". Most Americans remember these nostalgic ads, and for years to come Seiko Watches would be considered the best, even better than their Swiss counterparts. Seiko then came out with the first LCD screen watch, and then a digital multi-function watch shortly after and really poised themselves as the world's best. Seiko watches were atop Christmas lists everywhere. Then Seiko followed with the world's first TV watch, but was a trend that never really caught on, although collectors regard these as a must have novelty in their Seiko watch collection. Seiko has also built their brand for years by being a large supporter and the official timer of the Olympics.

For years Seiko Dive Watches have been considered the top and most popular in the industry. Seiko always makes several dive watches, and offers multiple models with quartz and automatic movements. Typically, Seiko Dive Watches have been made for men, and in men's sizes, but Seiko Women's Watches are also very popular and fit a wide range of styles and price ranges. Seiko makes women's watches in gold, two-tone, stainless, and with leather bands. You can find day to day models, or choose a model with multiple diamonds in the face. Seiko also makes the popular mother of pearl watches.

Other popular Seiko Watches include the Seiko Pocket Watch which has remained a popular collector's item since the early days of Seiko. Seiko also makes a fine selection of titanium models. Seiko's titanium models fit a wide price range and start at below $150.00 in many stores. Seiko Titanium Watches are some of the most popular titanium watches in the world. One more hot Seiko product is the Kinetic line. These watches wind themselves by the movement of the wearer, but are as accurate as quartz models rather than automatic models that typically posses this battery-less feature. Here is the most popular Seiko Kinetic Watch. All Seiko watches come with a full three year warranty when bought from an authorized dealer

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