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Men's Casio timepiece
Men's Casio timepieces

Men's Casio watch
Men's Casio watches

Women's Casio timepiece
Women's Casio timepieces

Women's Casio watch
Women's Casio watches

Casio Watches   

The Casio line includes both men's and women's designs.  Additionally, there is a full line of matching and color-coordinated watch straps to supplement your watch purchase. 

Casio Watches Tokyo, Japan-based Casio Computer Co. is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has been active in the development of electronic calculators, watches, musical instruments, digital cameras, LCD TVs, pagers and other communication devices. Casio's corporate motto is: "Creativity and Contribution."

Functional and tailored to a wide array of uses, the Casio line carries such popular watch models as Casual Sports, DataBank, Forester, G-Shock and Marine Gear. The newest line of watches to hit the market was the popular Casio Sport with the sports enthusiast in mind.  The Casio Sport became available in July 2004 and represents the latest in wearable digital sports gear to help athletic enthusiasts achieve their dreams. Since Casio introduced its first sports watch in 1986, it has been popular among top runners worldwide due to its innovative technologies such as lap and sprint timing, as well as a record function, helping runners achieve their best. Casio has released a variety of sports watches for different sports fields using Casio's original digital technology, which has received high acclaim from sports fans.

Another popular Casio brand released in 2000 is the PC-UNITE BZX-20 and BZX-20D Wrist-type Wearable PIM Data Viewers that can store and display contacts, calendar and PIM (Personal Information Management) data downloaded from a computer using infrared. These new models mark the latest additions to the growing lineup of useful new "wrist data devices" that have earned Casio the reputation of being the leading innovator in feature-packed timepieces.

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