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Men's Cartier watch
Men's Cartier timepieces

Men's Cartier timepiece
Men's Cartier timepieces

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Women's Cartier timepieces

Women's Cartier timepiece
Women's Cartier timepieces

Cartier Watches 

The House of Cartier, a true dynasty of style, elegance and fine craftsmanship, was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, master jeweler to Europe’s crowned heads. By the early 20th century, his three grandsons, Louis, Jacques and Pierre, were successfully managing Cartier boutiques in Paris, London and New York.

The first true Cartier wristwatch, the “Santos,” designed by Louis and named for Alberto Santos-Dumont, a dashing Brazilian aviator, was introduced in 1904. Jeweled wristwatches followed soon after in 1906. In 1910, Louis created and patented the “deployant” folding clasp. 1917 saw the introduction of the famous Cartier “Tank” watch. Long regarded as the single most important and influential watch design of the 20th century, the distinctive timepiece was designed in tribute to the Allied Tank commanders who helped defend France during World War I. In 1933, Cartier was commissioned by the Pasha of Marrakech to create a watch he could wear while swimming. As one of the earliest truly water-resistant designs, the watch featured an attractive round case of solid gold.
Today, the company’s watch designers draw on the astounding design archives left by Louis Cartier, the design genius responsible for many of the house’s signature innovations, patents and collections. Most of the contemporary Cartier collections are based upon Louis’ distinctive design classics such as the Santos, the Panther, the Bagnoire, the Pasha, the Tonneau, the Diabolo, and the Tank. Introduced in 1996, the Tank Française is widely regarded as a contemporary model of horology and design mastery. Available in three sizes and offered with a variety of movements from quartz to automatic, the Tank Française chronograph features a perpetual calendar and automatic time zone changing capability.
The Cartier collections offered by are eloquent testimony to the lasting value and rich heritage of the House of Cartier legacy. From the functionally elegant to the opulently jeweled, each Cartier timepiece carries with it a 150-year pedigree of excellence, elegance and quality beyond comp

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Cartier, one of the world's leading premier jewelers, has a rich heritage of timekeeping that reaches back to 1847 when it was founded as a retail establishment in Paris. By 1910, it had opened stores in London and New York City to better serve its clients that ranged from Indian maharajahs to European nobility to Hollywood celebrities. By the 1920s, Cartier had become one of the preeminent designers and manufacturers of luxury jewelry in the world.

Cartier has long been identified with quality, prestige and history and has served as crown jeweler in 19 royal houses. Cartier has been credited with numerous innovations that have had an enduring influence, such as the pioneering of the use of platinum, which was more durable than gold and showed off diamonds better than other precious metals.

From the beginning of his career, Louis Cartier had been interested in the many possibilities for wristwatches, which, because they were considered practical, but not elegant, were in low demand among his clientele. His creations - made of platinum with combinations of rubies, pearls, sapphires and other precious gems - emerged during a transformation in women's fashions that introduced bare arms and subsequently catapulted his bracelet watches to being in the highest demand.

Louis Cartier designed his Santos model for Santos Dumont in 1907, and helped to make wristwatches fashionable for men. Other famous Cartier models include Baignoire introduced in 1912, the Tank, probably considered as the archetypal Cartier, in 1917, Pasha in 1932, and Vendome in 1933. Although the designs are not up to the minute, Cartier designs tend to be classics, and with the passage of time, each model receives updated treatment with elegance and style.

Cartier crafts a broad range of luxury watches for men and women and with both classic and more contemporary styles. These watches have been and continue to be not just timepieces, but a highly specialized art form inspired by tradition, culture, style, imagination and superior technique. If you appreciate style and elegance and you're looking for a watch with the best possible craftsmanship that because of its quartz movement will keep excellent time and because it is water resistant will continue to provide good timekeeping for many years to come, one of Cartier's many watch styles is surely the watch for

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